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Cannabis Vaseline

Cannabis Vaseline

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Made from a certified variety of technical hemp, which is grown using natural methods. It helps heal small cracks, sores, bedsores, cold sores, abrasions, hemorrhoids and burns 

Ingredients: Petrolatum, Cannabis Sativa Leaf / Stem Extract, Urtica Dioica Leaf Extract, Cannabis Sativa Seeds Oil, Cannabidiol.

Use: Apply several times a day as needed. For external use only. If negative symptoms persist, the ointment should be stopped as it may be an allergic reaction.

EAN-13 Barcode (30 ml): 8595668701298 

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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
CBD for Athlete's foot (tinea pedis)

I have been suffering from fungus for a long time, have used many other topical medications, but after a while, the condition repeated.
I am monitoring while using this ointment Cannabis Vaseline , currently seeing quite good and positive results.

Using CBD in dermatological problems of allergies, redness, peeling caused by weather changes

My case started 4-5 years ago. It happens 2-3 times a year depending on the season; when the weather changes or it gets cold, or when I drink a little alcohol, the phenomenon begins. Each time, the skin peels off on the forehead, on the ear area and on the back of the neck.
When I use CBD Fullspectrum Oil 5% and Cannabis Vaseline, I see a lot of changes after about 1 month. I can see that the middle forehead area with the hairline is quite clear, the flaking of the forehead has completely reduced.
In the hair area, when I go to barber shop to cut my hair, I willI took an overall picture. Now, the hair is a bit thick, it's quite hard to see the change.

Combined use of CBD Fullspectrum Oil and Cannabis Vasleline in Berloque dermatitis

My hand is much better, I'm sure it will be back to normal by Tet holiday. Thank you so much for your products.

Phạm Anh
Amazing reviews on children skin problems

Soothes itching and heals wounds.
Làm dịu bớt ngứa và lành vết thương.

Phạm Anh
Made for mosquitoes bites!!

My son has not been bitten by mosquitoes since the day he used this product. Mosquito bite smears a little bit immediately.
Con mình từ ngày xài loại này người không bị thẹo muỗi cắn. Muỗi cắn bôi cái tí xíu hết liền.

"My unusual beauty tip is that I often use Vaseline to take my make up off. It works great and is good for sensitive skin." - Rachel Bilson