About Us

HempSapa® is a pioneering company founded in Prague in 2017, with a vision to revolutionize the health care, cosmetics, and wellness industries with the power of CBD. The company was established at a time when CBD was not yet the buzzword that it is today, but the founders recognized the immense potential of this natural compound and set out to create a range of premium CBD products that would deliver exceptional results.

Since its inception, HempSapa® has grown from strength to strength, building a reputation for excellence and innovation in the CBD industry. Today, our products are loved by customers around the world for their quality, effectiveness, and purity. We are proud to be at the forefront of this rapidly-evolving field and remain committed to pushing the boundaries of what is possible with CBD.

At HempSapa®, we believe that everyone deserves access to the incredible benefits of CBD, and we are dedicated to making our products as widely available as possible. From our signature CBD food supplements and cosmetics to our premium CBD flowers, we are committed to delivering the very best that CBD has to offer.

Our mission is to share knowledge, inspire, and help people. To fulfil that mission, we provide high quality natural products, along with information and knowledge to support a healthy life. In addition, we actively help organizations whose goals align with our values.

We are cannabis users and lovers, with many years of experience in hemp extraction, production, and R&D, we launched brands HempSapa® (2017), HEMP.ASIA Wholesale® (2019), Alice Seeds® (2020), GOOD BUDS® (2022). The main objective of our e-shop is to offer our valued consumers the cleanest and most effective cannabis extract products possible.