How the subscription works

Did you know that we offers a subscription service for our CBD products? Not only does this save you from forgetting to reorder your favorite products, it also saves you money! Read on to learn how our subscription service works, as well as the benefits for you!

How the Subscription Works

It’s really as simple as it gets!

  1. Select your product
  2. Choose your potency (if applicable)
  3. Choose how often to receive a refill (7, 14, 30... or 90 days)
  4. Your card will automatically be charged whenever you receive a refill

Benefits of CBD Subscription

Automatic Shipping

Never forget to restock your CBD supply again! With automatic shipments every 15, 30, or 60 days, you can customize a routine that fits your lifestyle and needs. Because your product will automatically be shipped, you never have to worry about running out!

Save 15%

When you subscribe to a product from HempSapa®, you automatically save 15% on your first and every subsequent refill of that subscription. Watch the savings add up every month!

Ability to Edit Subscription

If you find out you need more or less CBD in your selected time frame, you can either increase the potency of your product (if applicable) or increase how often your product will ship.

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